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GEMS UniConnect Pavilion & Workshops

The March 2019 edition of the UAE Global Education Fairs will feature the GEMS Uni-Connect Pavilion comprising of over 40 GEMS Partner universities and educational institutions from the UAE and abroad.

This is an amazing opportunity for students to explore a wide range of courses at institutions in the UAE and across the world. For those students studying at a GEMS School, you will also be able to discover the incredible scholarship opportunities available to them through the GEMS UniConnect program.

Parents who are looking or a high school for their child will also be able to meet senior GEMS admissions personnel to discuss the various GEMS schools and curriculums options offered by GEMS.

During the event, visitors can participate in an extensive program of seminars about admissions requirements, tests required (such as the SAT) and advantages of studying in the UAE and abroad. These take place every 40 minutes throughout both days. In addition both GEMS and NON-GEMS students and parents are able to participate in a comprehensive program of additional seminars offered by highly qualified GEMS academic advisors and counsellors (on Saturday March 2nd).

See the full schedule of seminars here.
Workshops / seminars are open to the general public